Background of the study

Language is a system of communication by sound, that is the organs of speech and hearing. Among human beings of certain group of community using vocal symbols possessing arbitrary conventional meaning. It is the basis of human’s uniqueness and the essence of his culture. Language is the most important things in communication that function is to deliver information and to interact among human being.
Language is a part of society and culture, also a part of a social system and communication. As a mean of communication, language has a close relationship with social aspect. Since language and society are a compatible unity, they can not be separated. The study of language in relation with society is called “sociolinguistics” ( Ronald Wardraugh. 1986: 103). Sociolinguistic includes language aspect and social factors, the first factor involved vocabularies, sound, grammatical construction etc. the second one cover age, sex, religion, etc.

this globalization era, peoples are demanded to master more than one language to support their works. More language they master the more flexible they can interact with others. People who have capability on two or more languages they will proud to their self, because they feel that they have a special capability that is different from others. Based on that reason it is not surprising if nowadays someone masters not only the mother tongue and second language, but also foreign language as well. The language mastery is needed since it is really significant to make communication between one persons with others run well.

In the course of time language experience changes and grow up, as the use of language mixing the level of growth in the form of language use mixing is really interesting to be investigated. Indonesia has several languages, such as Indonesian, Javanese, sundanese, etc. even Indonesian language contact with another language, called foreign language likely English, Arabic, Chinese and others. Indonesian people speak in Indonesian language mostly at formal situation, moreover, they speak in mother tongue at their daily life. Nevertheless, it is usual that people speak more than one language especially at informal situation or in daily conversation. Even, they usually hear, for example” up to me dong” it indicated that Indonesian people can speak English although not master it. They want to show their ability to speak in foreign language look so cool. This phenomenon in sociolinguistic is named code mixing.

Code mixing is a speech act that speaker or writers mix two codes or more languages in a discourse. The main characteristics in code mixing are relax situation and informal situation (P.W.J Nababan. 1986:32). Indonesian people, who speak Indonesian language, sometimes use foreign language such as English in their conversation..

However, code mixing can not seen from spoken language, but also in written language such as newspaper, magazine, tabloid, etc. both in spoken and written language, code mixing partly come since the speakers or writers or not able to find the suitable vocabularies of certain language in order more interesting. In written language, code mixing is presented in italic style or underline at words or phrases the other languages.

By : Uswatun Rohmah Salatiga

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