My Nice experience

It's one nice experinces, my real experince was gotten at central java (Jogja ), When I got travelling to study tour with my friends from from boarding scholl, my friend are boy's so, we could talk each other freely.

There is on my friends met me when ai arrangged my friend the participants of tour and he said " what is your purpose to go to the borubudur and prambanan temples;re the place of worship of budish, arn't they? he said politely.

yeach ....... you're right my dear.! but we've known too, we will go to there not to devour but wee want to know the real of indonesian histories and our purpouse not only to see borobudur ands prambanan template but also to see the our good's (allah) creative which no written wich no written in al-qur'an, you know ! I said fairly.

"okay sir, I believe with your good purpose, but would you like to give information and suggestion to all remember of study tour, before we leave banyuanyar, in order to know the purpose of our study tour.! he said politely..!
" Of course, you right becaused of our friend's are the firts time from them get entertaiment like this I must give sugestion for them to know the purpose of study tour exactly " I said seriosly.

When the members of study tour have prepared to got on the bus. I led the members to prays together an then on . 08:00 AM our members let banyuanyar and we reached in Dogja on 04:00 PM, I locked all my friends were very tired so we incluided to tooking a rest for a moment in villa.

I locked all my friends are very happy when I gave information that the places which we would visit them not far from our villa.

On the 08:00 AM we left banyuanyar, and on 04:00 PM I reached to Djogja the first place That I visited was The Borubudur Template it's the first Time For me, The weather in That day was very could so, we must got jacket to against the coldnes.

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